Golden Gazelle brings to you a line of fine jewelry that makes for every girls’ wardrobe staple. These pieces are styled to be delicate, understated & elegant; they strive to achieve the beauty that lies in simplicity.



The designer of the brand, Anushka, has a Masters in Architecture & brings to her collection an eye for detail & a flair for style, while obsessively working out the functionality & the use of each piece. Anushka designs with the intent of creating something that is essential, understated and yet glamorous. 

Founder & Designer Anushka Jhaveri

” The beautiful statement pieces you wear at your wedding are a must have for the occasion, but Golden Gazelle’s jewellery is what you reach out for on a day to day basis because they are so easily wearable.”


Anushka comes from three generations of diamond merchants and jewelers. Her family’s factory takes great pride in its craftsmanship that match international standards as a bulk of its customers are from Japan, Hong Kong, U.K., U.S.A & the U.A.E.



All of Golden Gazelle’s jewelry is made in house allowing Anushka to exercise close control over the manufacturing process as she refines each design to perfection before it reaches you. The polished diamonds are sourced from her family’s company and are all conflict free, Kimberly Process Certified & naturally mined diamonds.