Behind The Scenes with Elixir Nahar

Golden Gazelle has worked with some of India’s most fashionable  millennials who not only dress with intent & confidence, but are also well rounded, opinionated & independent young women.

What do you like about the GiGi line? 

I like what the Eye of Horus and the Hamsa Hand represent, and I think the Elixir’s Talisman line combines symbolism with aesthetics perfectly.

What are your favourite pieces from your Golden Gazelle collection?

I’m loving the hand harness, stackable rings and the Evil Eye bracelets.

How do you feel when gifted jewellery? 

It hasn’t happened yet but hopefully that will change soon!

Tell us about the last adventure you went on.

The last adventure I went on was an impromptu trip to Moscow for the World Cup Semi and Final! It was largely a solo trip filled with adventures, where I met amazing people and had the time of my life.

What was it like working with Anushka for her brand, Golden Gazelle?

Anushka understands what the modern woman is looking for in jewellery. Especially with my Talisman collection; it’s made keeping in mind the intrinsic intent of Evil Eye jewellery, but also giving the customer more value with the use of gold and diamonds, while remaining affordable.

Check out the collection here :  Elixir’s Talisman


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