Beaded Monogram bracelet

AED 1,790

Personalize this piece by choosing your initial from the drop down menu. This bracelet comes in a free size. It is 7″ long and can be shortened or tightened using the adjustable bead.

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Shipping: We are able to deliver this product in India in 2 working days. It would take 2-4 weeks for worldwide shipping (provided the country for delivery allows gold jewellery imports for personal use.)

The Beaded Monogram bracelet is made of white Howlite beads, which are known for their calming energies. With Enamel, gold and diamonds, this makes for a very special gift.

Natasha’s Monogram is a collection that allows for the utmost amounts of personalization and customization. You can choose from any English alphabet, then choose from one of four styles: classic bracelet, beaded bracelet, bangle or lariat, and then customize further by choosing from a variety of colours that are created by the designer for this collection.

The Monogram collection was inspired by type writer keys and as such has somewhat of a vintage feel to it. The alphabet is set in the centre with enamel in black (or you can choose from a wide range of enamel colours). And is surrounded by round diamonds to give the piece a little bit of bling.

The Howlite beads on the Beaded Monogram Bracelet are interspersed with diamonds. The adjustable bead allows you tighten the bracelet so it looks more like a watch with a monogram dial. The Howlite beads are linked together with a gold wire that allows it to be flexibly mould to the shape of your hand. It is meant to be worn tight, like a watch band.

This bracelet is made in 18 karat gold and diamonds with enamel and diamonds. We recommend going with the black enamel, as the white matte Howlite beads with their grey veins beautifully contrast the glossy finish of the black enamel.
Like all our other bracelets, the gold adjustable bead makes the Beaded Monogram Bracelet fit for all sizes. You can customize on all the variables that are visual, but you don’t have to worry about whether or not the Beaded Monogram Bracelet would fit someone; because one size fits all.






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