Fall in Love Earrings

AED 20,990

The Fall in Love Earrings is a representation of love at first sight. The way they move and shimmer with the silhouette of her hair is a treat to the eyes; it is like love at first sight.

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You can only Fall in Love with our Fall in Love Earrings. An absolute labour of love, this piece is made with tapered & round diamonds and princess cut tourmalines

They are long and glamorous and move


This collection was inspired by the lovely hues of the Tourmaline gemstone. Occurring naturally in shades of yellow, pink, blue and green, on very first sight, the stones spell a story of love.

This collection is about all the varied tones of a love story – none perfect, but each one beautiful in its flaws. The designs in the collection come together to tell an abstract love tale. Some tell a simple and classic love story: Like the Oval Tourmaline bracelet. This piece is non-fussed and easy going. Everything just falls in place for a person with a simple love story, and with simple & classic taste in jewels!

Some pieces abstractly represent a complex love story, like the Fall in Love Earrings Made of over 500 tiny baguette diamonds, which are intricately woven together and linked to flow and dance with each gesture and movement.  The Fall in Love earrings represents a complex, and yet graceful love story.  This love story isn’t easy; it is complex and heart wrenching and unlike anything you’ve seen before. However, its beauty is a direct outcome of the challenges- making it entirely worth the work.

No two love stories are ever the same, and neither are the jewels from this collection. The Tourmaline gem stones are carefully hand-picked by the designer to weave a deep coloured, passionate palette or a pastel shaded light hearted gradation. Either ways, a love story has got to be full of colour.




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