Love Lace Bracelet

AED 14,500

The Love Lace Bracelet is a subtle statement piece. You can pair this bracelet with our Love Saga Bracelet to form a two sided choker. You may also buy two of these bracelets & link them to wear as a choker.

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Made of over 500 tiny pieces of diamonds individually linked together, the Love Lace Bracelet is dainty and effervescent while at the same time being wholesome. The Love Lace was designed to be attached to the Love Saga Bracelet to create a choker. Two bracelets, therefore, come together to make one choker.

The Love Lace Bracelet ends with a clasp detailed to come together seamlessly with the Love Saga Bracelet. The Love Lace Bracelet has three yellow tourmalines arranged in the same pattern as in the Love Saga Bracelet.

This collection is about all the varied tones of a love story – none perfect, but each one beautiful in its flaws. The designs in the collection come together to tell an abstract love tale. Some tell a simple and classic love story: Like the Oval Tourmaline bracelet. This piece is non-fussed and easy going. Everything just falls in place for a person with a simple love story, and with simple & classic taste in jewels!

Some pieces, like the Love Lace Bracelet, abstractly represent a love story that is carefully and delicately held together by thoughtful actions. No two love stories are ever the same, and neither are the jewels from this collection. The Tourmaline gem stones are carefully hand-picked by the designer to weave a deep coloured, passionate palette or a pastel shaded light hearted gradation. Either ways, a love story has got to be full of colour.

The Love Lace Bracelet, is made of tapered diamonds alternating with negative space to create a light, minimalistic bracelet. The pattern created looks like a lace of diamonds, hence the name, The Love Lace bracelet. This bracelet is meant to sit on your hand like a perfectly fitting watch strap and it really is all the glamour you would need for one night. It can also be attached to the Love Saga Bracelet and convert into a choker.




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