Monogram Lariat

AED 2,550

Personalize this piece by choosing your initial from the drop down menu. The lariat comes in a free size. The adjustable beads allow you to change the length of this necklace to match your neckline

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Typically a lariat is a type of necklace that has a fixed centre piece with chain extending beyond. Golden Gazelle’s take on a lariat is detailed further to add movement to the centre piece. You can adjust the length of the necklace by moving the centre piece high up, or lower down the neckline.

Natasha’s Monogram is a collection that allows for the utmost amounts of personalization and customization. You can choose from any English alphabet, then choose from one of four styles: classic bracelet, beaded bracelet, bangle or lariat, and then customize further by choosing from a variety of colours that are created by the designer for this collection.

The Monogram collection was inspired by type writer keys and as such has somewhat of a vintage feel to it. The alphabet is set in the centre with enamel in black (or you can choose from a wide range of enamel colours). And is surrounded by round diamonds to give the piece a little bit of bling.

The Monogram Lariat from our collection, Natasha’s Monogram, can be personalized with an alphabet from the English dictionary. This lariat comes in free size, facilitated by the moving centre piece that allows you to change the length of the necklace. Our Lariats are very special, because they move! The monogram moves along the chains allowing you to adjust the length of the necklace to match your neckline.

Since you can adjust the length of the lariat, you can easily wear other necklaces with this piece and layer without any clashes. The Monogram can be placed wherever you wish on your neckline. You can also wear it over a shirt , or a turtle neck sweater and give the necklace a totally different feel.






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