Pink Princess Ring

AED 990

Go solo or do the multi-colour Tourmaline stack of two, three or five. These are custom made rings, each with a unique center Tourmaline, handpicked by the designer. The weight of Tourmalines may vary slightly between each custom piece.

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The Pink Princess Ring is made in 18 karat gold, diamonds and a pink, princess cut tourmaline centre stone. This ring can be worn on it’s or added to a multi-colour Tourmaline stack of two, three or five Princess Rings. These are custom made rings, each with a centre Tourmaline, handpicked by the designer, making each and every ring unique.

The ring is beautifully detailed with a little heart carved out of its front profile so that this ring is even more special when gifted to someone you love.

Our collection, Leeza’s Love, was inspired by the lovely hues of the Tourmaline gemstone. Occurring naturally in shades of yellow, pink, blue and green, on very first sight, the stones spell a story of love. This collection is about all the varied tones of a love story – none perfect, but each one beautiful in its flaws.

No two love stories are ever the same, and neither are the jewels from this collection. The Tourmaline gem stones are carefully hand-picked by the designer to weave a deep coloured, passionate palette or a pastel shaded light hearted gradation. Either ways, a love story has got to be full of colour, and the jewels from this collection are all about the varied tourmaline colours.

The Pink Princess Ring is simple and classic. It also makes for a great promise ring or engagement ring – something very special that tells her you love her. When the Pink Princess Ring is stacked with other rings, this simple and minimalistic design transforms into a chunky and wholesome ring. You can personalize your look and decide if you want to wear the rings individually for a minimal look or if you’d much rather enjoy a multi-colour stack. The Pink Princess Ring can be customized and made in 14 karat gold or 18 karat gold.


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