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It is humbling to realize that there is so much in the universe that we know so little about. This dream collection draws inspiration from the whole universe whose possibilities for us can only exist so far as our imagination takes us. Our bracelets come in a free size, making them ideal for gifting. They are 7″ long and have a gold adjustable bead that allows you to tighten the bracelet to your liking.

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The Shooting Ring from our collection, Maia’s Supernova is representative of a star leaving behind its trail in the form of star dust. This ring is made entirely of diamond baguettes fused together like a dense trail of star dust.

Maia’s Supernova Collection is inspired simply by all the wonder of the universe, and the humbling realization that we are merely a speck in all that exists.

This is Golden Gazelle’s signature collection as it represents a style unique to the brand; the use of Tapered Baguette Diamonds. The tapered baguettes and the unique shape they form is representative of star dust. In some pieces the tapered baguettes are found trickling away from the five point star; like dust left behind in a trail of a shooting star. In other designs, the five point star is entirely omitted and the star dust heroes the jewel.

The great thing about this collection, and a huge part of the brand’s DNA is the versatility of each design. For example, the Cascading Sparkle Bracelet can be worn as a single line choker and a double line bracelet. This piece transforms from a casual day time bracelet to a more formal & chic, evening choker. Another reason for this collection to be deemed versatile is because of how easily it can be stacked with other jewels, or styled with absolutely any daily wear outfit.

All in all Maia’s Supernova Collection has designs that would seamlessly work with your daily outfits & smart casuals.

The Shooting Star Ring is part of a variation of rings, each one representing a different type of star dust trail. Like all the rings from this collection, the Shooting Star Ring is an eternity band with diamonds going all around- allowing you to decide if you’d like to wear it as a pinky ring, thumb ring or on any other finger.


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