Simple Stackable Evil Eye Ring

AED 690

Our evil eye rings can be worn solo or in a stack – depending on how you want to be styled – boho chic or minimalistic

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Our evil eye rings can be worn solo or in a stack – depending on how you want to be styled – boho chic or minimalistic. The Simple Evil Eye Ring looks beautiful and dainty on its own. The Simple Evil Eye Ring can also be stacked with the Beaded Evil Eye ring and the Multi Evil Eye Ring. Together they create a chunky wholesome look; casual and easy to wear with anything. The best part of owning a few of each of these rings is that you can style them the way you want. Wear only one ring, wear a stack of three rings, or even a stack of five rings. These rings are so dainty that they will never look over the top.
Our jewelry talismans don’t make fortunes turn and they don’t ward away evil eyes. We hold our own fortune and make our own destiny. The talismans are symbols of positive energy and wearing them is a reminder that the energy comes from within you.
A positive attitude can make your fortune turn, or at the very least change your perception of what may feel unfortunate. Made of diamonds, gold, enamel, and earthy toned beads, these little jewelry trinkets symbolize positivity and hope.
The designs of the evil eye collection are optimized not just for aesthetics, but also for functionality. All the pieces in this evil eye collection come in a free size, making them a hassle-free buy. This is facilitated by the adjustable gold bead, which lets you tighten or loosen your piece to any degree. Three things which make the evil eye collection great for gifting are, firstly, the flexibility in size, secondly, the thoughtful message of hope and positivity, and finally their price points which are sensitive to gifting budgets.



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