The Anāhata Bracelet

AED 2,200

Golden Gazelle’s Mandala collection represents the seven chakras. Made in diamonds, gold and enamel, this bracelet represents the Anāhata chakra. This heart chakra facilitates a deep connection & a sense of harmony with the world. When this chakra is activated you become open to accepting the world’s love & beauty. Our bracelets are 7″ long; the adjustable bead allows you tighten the bracelet to your size.

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Anāhata or the heart chakra facilitates a deep connection and a sense of harmony with the world. When this chakra is activated you allow yourself to be open to all the world’s love, compassion & beauty. The Heart Chakra Bracelet is made of 18 karat gold, diamonds and enamel. The Enamel colours used are traditionally the colour associated with the chakra. Our bracelets are 7″ long, and the adjustable bead allows you tighten the bracelet to your size. The Anahata Bracelet is beautifully detailed and has enamel on both sides of the charm.

The Mandala Collection is inspired by the seven chakras or “wheels of energy” in our body. Each chakra represents a different type of vibration – for higher energies of concentration, self-realization and intuition to the more primal energies that facilitate survival and procreation. When these seven chakras are activated, they help balance the body, mind and soul. This collection is a symbolic take on the chakras; each bracelet represents a different energy. Its styling is modern, minimalistic and delicate, and the enamel colours are custom made to represent the colours that traditionally go with each chakra.

The Mandala Collection celebrates the idea that we hold the power to decide what kind of energy we choose to bring into our lives and into this world. According to Hindu and Buddhist scriptures, our bodies hold wheels of energy or “Chakras” which contribute to our physiological and psychological make-up. When these chakras are activated, they help balance us emotionally and physically by purging negative energies from our system. Each chakra contributes towards a different type of energy.

The Anāhata Bracelet makes for a great personalized gift and is at an unbeatable price point. The Anahata Bracelet can also be customized and made into a necklace, or if you are looking for a simpler gift, it can be made into a watch charm as well. We can further customize this piece in 14 karat gold or 18 karat gold.





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