Top 3 personalised jewellery gifts for any occasion

Personalised jewellery gifts for any occasion – Looking for a gift that will stay with her forever? There is nothing to beat fine jewelry when it comes to giving something valuable and something that will last her a life time. Personalized fine jewelry take that value to the next level.

Personalized jewelry also tends to be fun and trendy and perfect for daily wear; after all the best gifts are the ones that you can use all the time. 

1. Monogram all the way !

Amongst these personalized trends is the Monogram. Every brand, big and small seems to be incorporating the fun monogram theme into their fashion pieces- may it be shoes, bags, purses, jackets, and most abundantly in fine jewelry. Golden Gazelle’s Monogrammed jewellery is inspired by typewriter keys and is our take on something minimalistic, stylized and personalised.

1. Classic monogram bracelet
2. Monogram Lariat

2. Gift them the milky way!

What better than a minimal neckpiece that’s inspired from the milky way?! A part of the Celestial Signs collection, the trinkets in this collection comprise of rings, bracelets and necklaces, that are a mix of Zodiac signs, and constellations. Isn’t it a cool idea to present “the constellation” to your person?! Or to gift your Leo-friend a Leo finger ring as an indication of pride. 


A set of ring-bracelet-necklace is a fun idea as it can be worn together or individually as well to mix-n-match with the jewellery you own already.  For your friend who’s living overseas, this is a great reminder of your love for them, and also the fact that you remember their Zodiac and birthday. Yes, there’s more epic news: All the pieces are free size, hence making it an awesome option for personalised jewellery. 

3. Good vibes only

A collection inspired by the seven chakras or the “wheels of energy” is one of the most thoughtful yet spiritual gifts there can be. A friend who’s too anxious, or a loved one in need of your encouragement to follow their gut-feeling: they would really appreciate a piece from the Mandala Collection

The styling of the pieces being modernistic yet minimal, the aura that the wheels of energy give out are in symphony with our vibrations. The concept arises from the early traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, thus making it one of the most precious gifts of all times. As they are all adjustable as per the wrist size, there would no confusion of whether or not the bracelet will fit. While the “heart chakra” opens the wearer’s heart to all possibilities, the “root chakra” instils confidence, so on and so forth.

One size to fit ‘em all

When it comes to buying a gift, we traditionally turn to cake, flowers, perfumes, purses or something that has no hassle with sizing. With e-commerce sites picking up, its high time jewelry brands also made their products a “free size” or fully adjustable. Some brands have three hoops at the end- but the adjustbaliltiy is limited to three sizes only. Golden Gazelle has integrated a gold adjustable bead that slides along the chain so you can make your personalized bracelet or your personalized necklace fit exactly to the size you like.  So now you have a gift that is personalized while at the same time free of sizing hassles.

Be it Christmas, New Year’s, a “sorry”, or an “I miss you”, these trinkets are sure to make the giftee feel loved, grateful, missed, and cherished all at once. For any further customisations, the team is just a message away! Personalised jewellery is just a click away, be it in India or UAE.

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