Top 5 Jewelry Repair and Restoration tips

Intimate, precious, nostalgic and a million other sentiments are what owning jewelry means to each one of us. We all have a special unspoken relationship with our jewelry. For some it’s their wedding day jewelry, for some it’s a prized possession gifted to them by a loved one and for some, it’s the heirloom passed from generation to generation.

But we often forget the value it holds and the care it needs. Here’s a reminder and a few hacks to keep your jewelry shining at its best.

1) Your jewelry doesn’t like getting dumped

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Every piece deserves a space of its own. Trust us, tossing your jewelry into the drawer of your dresser can cause scratches. One piece on another is not the way to go. Storing your jewelry properly is a large part of the maintenance spectrum. Start by investing in a good velvet or a wooden box with compartments. Zip locks or drawstring purses work as well if they are of soft cloth like chintz, cotton or velvet. Steer clear from materials like linen, jersey and georgette.

Tip: The best way to avoid tangling is to leave the end of the jewelry piece (with chains) outside the zip lock or pouch.


2) Sort your jewelry out

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Not all jewelry is the same. Different kinds need different care. Segregate gold and silver. Silver, for instance, when exposed to oxygen and sulfur in the air starts to tarnish. Make sure to keep it in an anti-tarnish or airtight bag.

Tip: During travel, use padded boxes or cases for storage since one metal rubbing against another can cause damage.


3) Keep it clean

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Let’s move on to keeping your jewelry clean. The easiest hack is to soak your jewelry pieces in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of mild detergent. You can then clean it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and leave it to air dry or use a lint-free cloth. This hack is the simplest and works for all kinds of jewelry like gold and diamonds.


4) Know where to stop

5 fine jewelry pieces to add to your collection in 2020

Refrain from using abrasive cleaners. Solutions like silver dip can be used to clean gold and silver but only if necessary. Harsh cleaning and excess water is likely to strip the metal.


5) Investing the right way!

Real jewelry whether gold or silver don’t ever get tarnished or damaged in any way. While imitation jewelry can get discolored when exposed to water and direct sunlight, real gold and silver never lose their luster. Gold plated or junk jewelry on exposure to hair products, perfumes and cosmetics can tend to look old and lose its color. Whereas real gold and silver (14 kt or 18 kt) will never lose its shine and is the most durable buy.

Although real gold and silver can be an expensive purchase, it’s an investment for lifetime.

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