Why buy diamond jewelry over costume/fashion jewelry? Should everything deemed rare be considered precious? I pondered over this question while trying to decide the materials for my design. I could design in any medium, but I ended up choosing diamonds to be the hero or even the supporting actor in all my jewelry stories. Diamonds may be rare, but that isn’t why I chose them. I realized that diamonds have the capability of adding a layer of meaning that no other stone ever has.

There is a reason why the old clichéd saying goes “ Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.”
It is a sad misconception that men would think that a diamond’s value comes from its cost. For a woman, it doesn’t. For a woman the value of a diamond comes from what it means: forever. Like the strength of a diamond, you assure her, that your love will stand the test of time. Like the glamour that radiates from a diamond, she understands you will be the light in her most uncertain moments. A diamond says “ you mean the world to me,” and I don’t think any other stone is capable of conveying that message the way a diamond does. Apart from all the meaning it comes with, the aesthetic sophistication of a diamond is unparalleled. I had the chance of making jewelry in any medium, and I contemplated zircons- it would bring my cost down tremendously. However, to a trained eye, it doesn’t look natural, it looks somewhat plastic, and has no meaning.

It’s too bling and completely loses the sophistication of a real diamond. I also thought of making jewelry out of colored stones and gold. And yes, they looked stunning – emeralds, rubies, sapphires, the huge varieties of semi-precious stones; tourmaline being my favorite. There were so many to pick from, and they all looked glamorous in their own right. However, they looked even better when diamonds complemented them and helped highlight the richness in color – just like good partners bring out the best in one another. The Queen’s Collection, Golden Gazelle’s line of colored stone extravaganza, reasserted my love for diamonds and its relevance in each one of my designs.


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